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Financial Minimalism Builds Wealth Simply

Financial Minimalism is more than a trend! A financial minimalist manages his wealth as simply as possible. Complexity isn’t your friend.

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Why I Invest But I Don’t Trade

Investing and Trading use similar tools but are extremely different. Neither is inherently better than the other. Both of them work by buying assets on the stock market with the goal of a Return on Investment. The big difference is the approach. When it comes to investing, you buy assets and hold them for years. […]

Trading 212 or Vanguard?

Trading 212 or Vanguard? What investor are you?

The age-old question which broker to go with?
Understand your investing profile and whether Trading 212 or Vanguard are best suited to you!

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5 Easy Personal Finance New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

It’s easy we engage in the yearly ritual of New Year’s Resolutions. 2021 is a blank slate that we are determined to transform into a new chapter. Let’s set financial goals and build the base of new healthy habits.

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7 Deadly Personal Finance Sins To Avoid In 2021

Discover how the 7 sins from Lust (The Impulsive Buyer) to Sloth (The Lazy Tax) have an impact on your Personal Finance.

Learn to plan better and take your time. Build the tools to fight off the sins that plague your finance!

7 Steps To a Great Start With Personal Finance

Everything changed the day I left University. I left Switzerland for the UK. A new country meant a new financial system. It also meant losing my financial security net.
The good news is I’ve learned some stuff along the way.

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How To Start Investing With Vanguard in 2020

Investing can be scar. By investing with Vanguard Funds you have a lowered risk option and a proven track record. Learn how to start investing with them today!

How To Build An Emergency Fund in 2021

We never know when uncertainty will hit. Having and maintaining an emergency fund should be priority number 1 when it comes to personal finance. Find out the best way to build one in 2020.

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